Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday 15th March

Feeling terrifically excited for some reason (sold book actually but don't want to toot horn) and this always sharpens my retail appetite so today I have made the following purchases.
- £480 on a second hand carpet on eBay. I know this sounds skanky and sad but it is, in fact, a beautiful jewel-hued Roger Oates runner that comes with darling pewter rods and will, trust me, look utterly super on our stairs. In my excitement about winning that bid I waltzed out to the Portobello Road where I bought the following
- £27 on nit solution, cotton wool pads, wipes, eye makeup remover, and hair scrunchies;
- £40 on a silky flirty tea dress in green with blue cornflowers from a stall
- £50 on some brown leather biker boots
- £10 on a funk CD
Then I trailed home, and put on the dress, and boots, and CD, and started grooving on down to Sly and so on and looked up to see my 13 year old (the one with the nits) standing in the doorway with a look of pitying horror on her face.
Then my husband announced that he only "quite liked" the dress and that we had six people to supper so I went out again in the car, in the rain, and spent
£40 on fresh peas, Italian sausage, parma ham, parmesan, bread, and fresh chicken stock (yes, risotto, how did you guess?)
on top of his own outlay on patisserie from Paul, wine, and salad.
In case you were wondering, I am still wearing the dress and boots, and intend to for some time, whatever my family say.

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