Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday 10th March

It seems a bit flaky starting my own blog when 1. I have a book to write and 2. I am supposed to be contributing flip posts to the Spectator and the timesonline websites (love the Alphamummy blog, yet another of my secret guilty procrastinating pleasures) and 3. Have deadline to write a column about man-flu.

I am overlooking the above in the hope that one day soon, I will master the zen of blogging like Ariel Leve (you don't? you must!) and probably loads of others but here's my thought: why is it that as soon as a blog goes mainstream - and I am of course thinking of the attention that Civil Serf received in my own paper, the Sunday Times, yesterday - the blog is taken down and an error message rears up instead?
I can only hope it is because the blogger is talking Miramax to her agent.
Not her lawyer.


oakvillemum said...

yay! How fantastic that you've started a blog-we read you every week in the Times. Will Shire Hell really not be out here (Canada)until next year?

TM said...

Hi Rachel - are you still going to continue with the blog? I also struggle to get comments on mine, but have realised complaining about this doesn´t seem to help!

Anna Colette said...

Hi Rachel,

I love your column - and really enjoyed your talk at the Henley Literary Festival (I am a Henley Mummy. Not a Yummy one unfortunately!).

Please can you put a 'subscribe to my blog' widget on? This makes it easy for readers to follow your blog..and I'd really like to.


Anna (aka Part Mummy Part Me)