Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday 17

So, of course, the next thing I know is my daughter, as I am massaging a tiny bottle of Hedrin into her blonde head (oz per oz, more pricy than Cristal) says, Mum, you won't tell anyone I've got nits, will you? So I am feeling awful and the good news is, I think I can announce with honesty that she doesn't after all, I couldn't see a single one, so I hereby withdraw all previous allegations.
Meanwhile am fending off the weirdest emails following my last col in the Sunday Times, in which I dilated on the Emperors' Club and what it is on earth these girls DO that has men shelling out (in advance on their next order) $2000 an hour, or two troy ounces of gold in today's money. Here's a taster.
Rachel,your Sunday Times article.Either you are very naive OR you are hoping some of us chaps will respond with some revealing thoughts.I would love to tell you my experiences(a bit more fun to share them) I'm not a public figure so holds no worries for me.You seem an open minded person and i'm sure the voyuer (sic) in you(aside from the professional interest)will find what i could tell you interesting.Like to know more?? send me a non comittal e-mail to i will respond directly to you.I hope you make contact,will be fun :-)
And another:
Hi Rachel, if you'd like someone to try and explain the difference between an hour with a $2000 escort and anything else, please call me and I'll try. J.
Yeeeeuch! All this makes me even more worried and anxious that there are, evidently, things that girls do that men are prepared to sell the farm to have done to them.
So much pressure!

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Happy Harriet Harman said...

Dear Rachel,

I am disgusted and appalled that (although not surprised seeing as you vote Tory) that you would visibly promote prostitution on your blog.

As you well know, I am in favour of banning many things, prostitution being one of them, and it is sad to see that a notable columnist in one of her first blog posts is advertising the sexual services that prostitutes offer and even insinuating that there'll be some bang for your buck!

Do we think it's right in the 21st century that women should be in a sex trade or do we think it's exploitation and should be banned? I'd love to know.

The labour party is doing everything it can to stop the trafficking of women to be used by lecherous, disgusting fat men and here you are undoing all our good work.

What further upsets me is that many people in my constituency cannot afford $2,000 for food let alone fisting, so this is clearly another anti-poor advertisement.

Shame on you, Rachel.

By the way, I got here through a link on Tim Worstall's blog